by Hannah Wimmer and Maximilian Prag

Hannah Wimmer (choreography, performance) and Maximilian Prag
(Transmedia Art) have been collaborating on projects at the interface between art, technology and performance since 2019. Their works deal with the body located simultaneously in virtual and physical space.

being bothTrinkhalle, Bad Ischl06 05 22
   photo documentation by Maria Belova

  video documentation by Chris Gütl, edit by Maximilian Prag
“How can we perceive and experience our bodies in virtual space? A performer experiences abstract digital worlds through VR glasses and discovers her physicality in digitality. In the performance, recipients become witnesses to the dancer's interplay of how the body is digitally captured and represented and abstracted in digital space. Through themes of the metaverse, avatarics and digital consciousness of corporeality, a new way of seeing our interconnectedness with digital entities emerges.”
©2024Hannah Wimmer

Maximilian Prag