by Hannah Wimmer and Maximilian Prag

Hannah Wimmer (choreography, performance) and Maximilian Prag
(Transmedia Art) have been collaborating on projects at the interface between art, technology and performance since 2019. Their works deal with the body located simultaneously in virtual and physical space.

Hannah WimmerCV + selected further projectsArtist Statement
Hannah Wimmer (she/her) is a contemporary dancer and choreographer currently based in London and Vienna. In her practice movement is used as a language to transform space, form connections and chal- lenge ones perception and emotions.

She draws inspirations from other art forms and has collaborated with different artists from all over the world.

Her current interests within her work focus on feminist politics, queer theory and connected body and identity issues that can be addressed both in the physical as well as in the digital landscape.

The body itself is always the main material and source of her practice and research but using props and other art forms to enhance and support the feeling of opening up and taking up space and therefore collaborative and collective work with other artists has become more and more important in her artistic and performative endeavors.

Hannah finished her MA degree in Expanded dance practice (Choreography and performance) at London Contemporary Dance School, validated by the University of Arts in London.
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Maximilian Prag