by Hannah Wimmer and Maximilian Prag

Hannah Wimmer (choreography, performance) and Maximilian Prag
(Transmedia Art) have been collaborating on projects at the interface between art, technology and performance since 2019. Their works deal with the body located simultaneously in virtual and physical space.

touching screens, more than skinSemperdepot Akademie, 1010 Wien01 12 23
    photo documentation by Fekry Helal
   video & editing by Maximilian Prag
Inspired by internet culture, memes and recent pop culture moments, the performance goes back to the roots of our first encounter with digital avatars: the life simulation video game “The Sims”. 

Crafting moments of gameplay. Internet-Aesthetics of Vapourware, Cybersigilism and Chrome3D are deconstructed and we are virtually confronted with our phone and finally our own virtual body, that we meet in virtual space.
The performance was shown in the framework of the award show of the Best Austrian Animation Festival.

©2024Hannah Wimmer

Maximilian Prag