by Hannah Wimmer and Maximilian Prag

Hannah Wimmer (choreography, performance) and Maximilian Prag
(Transmedia Art) have been collaborating on projects at the interface between art, technology and performance since 2019. Their works deal with the body located simultaneously in virtual and physical space.

Sala Terrena, Heiligenkreuzerhof 1010 Wien20 03  2024 – 11 05 2024

   render by Maximilian Prag, photo documentation by Maria Belova Glitches, Ruptures, Overflow: In transreal+, the artists Hannah Wimmer and Maxmilian Prag enter into a digital symbiosis with the exhibition space of the Heiligenkreuzerhof University Gallery. 

In our age of total fusion of digital and analogue, the continued existence of materiality and physicality is being questioned more than ever and calls for a rediscovery in the midst of an abundance of information and data. What parameters and anchor points can we agree on in our interactions and how do we want to encounter each other and ourselves in cyberspace? 

Based on movements captured by a motion capture suit, the space is explored performatively and translated and trans-formed into virtual and offline worlds. Collaboratively and always in the face of digital (dis)continuities between overload and intuitive understanding of the body, doublings of worlds are renegotiated in transreal+. 

The two artists dedicate themselves to the inseparable relationship between bodies and digital space and venture a look under the skin, at the structures and meta-physical conditions of our time. 

During the exhibition, the exhibition will be continuously adapted through three performative interventions and the relationships between the worlds will be further entangled.
©2024Hannah Wimmer

Maximilian Prag